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Mostly what you'll find here is Shingeki no Kyojin, Final Fantasy, other anime, or what I deem to be 'pretty' or 'funny'. You'll also find my writing here and a plethora of personal posts.

Though, let's be real here, it's mostly SnK. Primarily Mikasa/Annie.

Also this isn't a spoiler free blog, however I do try to tag them as snk spoilers until two weeks after the chapters been released and translated.

ヽ(ー▽ー )ノ Magikarp Pokemon

Preview of what I’m making. Might not finish but thought I’d post what I have as for once I like it. c:

I made this years ago and it has like 16k views and it sucks. o.o I don’t even ship SephxTifa o__o

I made this waaaay back in 2009, yet it’s still probably the best video I’ve ever made even though I have Sony Vegas now. I may get back into making GMV’s c: I’m not even gonna bother tagging all the different clips I used in here .__. Surprisingly XIII isn’t in here though… foolish 14 year old me!

I make amvs js. This one was for my english project based on da relationship between Ophelia and Hamlet.

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